Podium Multisport

Sport Center

A Polished Sanctum of All Things Swim, Bike and Run

UD - Podium Multisport You completed your first Ironman at age 10. Fish weep at the sight of your breaststroke. Lance Armstrong sneezes when you think of him.

All right, so maybe we’re exaggerating a bit...

Everybody knows fish only get mildly emotional.

Anyway, say hello to your new training grounds—Podium Multisport, a polished new sanctum of all things swim/bike/run. And there’s still a keg of SweetWater at the door from their grand opening last weekend in Emory/Druid Hills.

Essentially, what you’re dealing with here is part triathlon-centric retail store and part training camp for your next harrowing display of tri-sport domination in Kona (or 5K in Buckhead). It’s a slick, industrial space where you’ll be well at ease grabbing an espresso, sifting through bike jerseys and testing out running shoes on bamboo floors.

But then... it’s time to sweat.

So you’ll want to head to the back for an hour-long face-off with the 3D CompuTrainer (basically, a surround-sound spin class on your own bike). And if you’re in the market to upgrade your ride, there’s an adjustable test bike where you’ll saddle up and get outfitted with sensors before peddling away and being photographed by a high-speed 3D camera—all in the name of the perfect fit.

And since you may or may not want to show up to that power brunch smelling like triathlete, feel free to hit the in-house shower afterwards.

Just saying.


Podium Multisport
1167 Zonolite Pl
Atlanta, GA, 30306

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