Courtside Seats

The Best Seats for Watching the Tourney

You called in sick. You printed off all 38 of your brackets. Now you just need somewhere to watch the game. Herewith, the five best bar seats in Dallas. You might want to get there early...

The Corner Booth

The Corner Booth

The seat: A round black leather booth tucked away in the corner, facing not one but six flat-screens.
The game plan: Dodge the rowdy salooners and hide out here for a solid vantage point on the action. (Also, the games.) Bonus: you’re three steps from the bathroom, so you won’t miss a note of “One Shining Moment.”
Key stats: 18 flat-screens and one notorious drink (the Donkey Punch)

Center Bar Stool

Center Bar Stool

The seat: A high-backed leather stool at the bar, facing 13 screens.
The game plan: You’re not one to settle for highlights, so this Longhorn-friendly sports bar lets you watch every televised game at once. And if you ask nicely, maybe they’ll let you use their signed Dirk jersey as a seat holder.
Key stats: 33 flat-screens, one drink named after a ninja (Ninja Nate’s Lemonade)

The Far Left Table Near the Bar

The Far Left Table Near the Bar

The seat: In the back bar area, the far left table has its own drop-down projection screen.
The game plan: Pick your game. Order up some Bacon Cheddar Kobe Sliders. And relax, as the mellow crowd lets you hear every syllable of the dulcet tones of Gus Johnson. And hey, maybe Brett (as in Hull) and Mike (as in Modano) will drop by.
Key stats: 18 screens, two NHL owners

The Patio Bar Stool

The Patio Bar Stool

The seat: A high wooden bar stool on the patio surrounded by five flat-screens.
The game plan: In the category of non-sports-bar sports bars, we have Hacienda on Henderson, where you’ll have plenty of queso on hand. And if your team pulls off the upset (or loses to Oakland), they have tequila on tap.
Key stats: 67 tequilas and 11 flat-screens

The Leather Sofa

The Leather Sofa

The seat: A private spot in the humidor, facing one big flat-screen.
The game plan: Sometimes victory just calls for a good cigar. So head to Havana Social Club, where you can perfect your smoke rings and sip on mojitos.
Key stats: One flat-screen and one Cuban cigar roller

The Front Barber’s Chair

The Front Barber’s Chair

The seat: The front black leather barber’s chair sits closest to their flat-screen.
The game plan: You need your March Madness fix. Also, a haircut. So slide out of the office and head to the Grooming Room for a trim. In case of overtime, get a shave.
Key stats: 12 barber chairs, zero haircuts given to Dickie V

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