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The First Beer Garden on the Katy Trail

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All right, let’s get to it.

We have big news: news that’ll forever change how you cool down on the Katy Trail.

And we only need two words to say it: beer garden.

Behold the Katy Trail Ice House, a pint-pouring urban beer garden right smack on the Katy Trail, opening next week.

Now let us be the first to warn you. Putting Uptown’s largest beer garden on the Katy Trail is like putting a 90-inch flat-screen in your office during March Madness. You’re not going to be very productive.

So this time next week, you’ll set out with good intentions: say, a nice jog. Then you’ll spot this silver warehouse with three massive glass garage doors. You’ll follow your curiosity and discover a Texas-style watering hole, replete with beer barrel tables, neon Texas beer signs and one massive painting of Willie Nelson—oh, and a long wooden bar with 50 beer taps, backed by four 60-inch flat-screens. And suddenly, that jog isn’t happening anymore.

Grab a Jester King and head to the beer garden—basically a red dirt patio filled with picnic tables, vintage chairs and fire pits. As you grab a table facing the trail, you’ll start to smell homemade chili from their outdoor grill.

Just don’t spill any on your running shoes.


Katy Trail Ice House
3136 Routh St
(at Woodrow Ave)
Dallas, TX, 75201


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