Lucky Trike

Flying a Go-Kart Through the Georgia Skies

UD - Ultralight Trike Flying Experience It happens every year right around this time.

The itch.

That inexplicable urge to howl at the moon, change your name to Armando and skip town for a while.

Sometimes, it takes you whale shark diving off the coast of Belize. Others, navigating the Malaysian rain forest armed with nothing but a loincloth and a blowgun.

But for now, you’ll settle for 2,000 feet above the North Georgia Mountains...

So strap in and prepare for the Ultralight Trike Flying Experience, a harrowing joyride through the clouds in a decidedly alien-looking aircraft, taking reservations now at Fly Hard Trikes on the Georgia/Tennessee border.

If a go-kart, a hang glider and a small aircraft got together and decided to consummate their creepy relationship, you’d pretty much have this thing. (Or you could just look at that picture up there.)

Your morning begins at the Marion County Airport, where you’ll promptly join forces with a salty airman named Mike for some routine ground instruction. Once the formalities are out of the way, you’ll take the back seat, barrel down the runway and lift off for about an hour of basic aerial maneuvers, takeoff and landing practice.

And when you’re ready, you’ll hop up front, take the controls and prepare for another hour of ripping through the sky at thousands of feet... powered by nothing but the wind and a small propeller buzzing away behind you.

And maybe the Top Gun soundtrack.


Ultralight Trike Flying Experience
at Fly Hard Trikes

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