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Eating Gourmet Food from a Can

UD - Le Naked Lunch Consider the can.

As you’ve probably noticed, good things tend to come in them.

Soup. Beer. And, of course, your next smoked duck dinner.

Introducing Le Naked Lunch, a line of gourmet foods in aluminum cans, available online now.

Your journey begins in, you guessed it, Quebec. The chefs behind this used to run a bistro near Montreal, but a few years back they sold it to devote their attentions to the canning arts—specifically, solving the age-old problem of how to keep cottage pie tasty up to seven days after it’s been made.

The result of all that hard work: five cans of the finest fare Quebec has to offer, with all the glorious poultry grease that implies.

So let’s say you’re about to embark on a weekend of tropical indulgence in the wilds of Costa Rica (or, you know, head to the office). You’ll want to fill up a briefcase with Thai soup, Alsatian sauerkraut and two different styles of duck breast. Then, sometime after you land, you’ll want to find a pot of boiling water and drop in a can—and after a few minutes, your meal will settle into a creamy soup or brothy sandwich filling.

Just remember to recycle.

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