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Your relationship with your denim starts out slow.

But after lengthy afternoons watching sports, endless nights out at the bars and the occasional bout of fisticuffs in defense of a lady’s honor, a close bond is formed.

And since that process takes a while, we thought you could use a new haven to acquire a few new recruits.

Presenting the Levi’s Newbury , a magical dreamland of vintage denim and artisanal soap, now open in the Back Bay.

If Marlon Brando, James Dean and Patrick Swayze’s character in Road House shared a closet stocked with classic dungarees, it would probably look like this. Think stack after stack of Levi’s lines, from the reliable straight-leg variety to the hipster-ish skinny jean. (And, no, ladies, they didn’t leave you out, either.)

But besides being loaded with your old favorites, the store is home to non-Levi’s stock as well. Including the Boise, Idaho–based Junkyard Jeans, a collection of vintage denim that uses the dying art of chain-stitching for a more durable, rope-like stitch at the seams. (Don’t worry: they still break in like an old hat.)

And unlike nearly every other Levi’s store in America, you’ll be able to go here for all manner of non-denim urbane necessities. To wit: bow ties from Cordial Churchman, board shorts from a California surf shop and earthy soaps made in a barn in Oregon.

Real men smell like barns.


Levi’s Newbury
131 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02116


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