Down Under

Australian Rules Football, Starring You

UD - Atlanta Kookaburras You remember it like it was two weeks ago.

February 6, 2011. That fateful Sunday.

You hosted an underground brunch turned strip bingo tournament. Roasted a whole hog in Ted Turner’s living room. And then, you said good-bye to football as we know it until September.

Well, the American version, at least...

Enter the Atlanta Kookaburras, a full-contact, no-holds-barred Australian rules football league, now ready to add you to the team roster at this Saturday’s recruiting session.

There’s actually three teams in the league, so you’ll be paired up with people at your own skill level (rookies and aspiring pros welcome). And if you’ve never tried your hand at full-on footy before, just show up, sign up, and your coaches will be more than happy to teach you the ins and outs of shepherding, zoning and the occasional coathangering (or at least what those words mean).

You’ll rendezvous with your future teammates this Saturday for some kick and pass drills before heading off to the pub for a few post-practice pints (yes, this is required). From there, you’ll embark upon a three-month journey of head-to-head competition—including the occasional road trip to compete against other city leagues—eventually leading up to the Grand Final in May.

Oh, and you may also want to save some energy for the co-ed league coming up this summer.

Two-hand touch rule strictly enforced.

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