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Thirteen Straight Hours of Cigars and Booze

UD - Atlanta Cigar Marathon Tonight, you’ve got obligations.

Perhaps some dinner. The requisite amount of strategically placed rose petals. And any other Cupid-related motions you feel you have to go through.

The good news: you’ve got obligations this weekend, too.

The better news… it involves about 13 straight hours of cigar smoking.

Which brings us to the Atlanta Cigar Marathon, an all-day smoke-off involving you, a bus and six of the city’s finest tobacco houses, now taking reservations for this Saturday’s harrowing adventure.

Now we know what you’re thinking. And yes, if there were a Tom Waits soundalike competition the day after this thing, you may be taking home a trophy (or you could just pace yourself). You and your iron-lunged compatriots will rendezvous at the first stop around 10am, where you’ll then begin gearing up for a full day (and night) of busing through various smokeries like Buckhead Cigar, Scottish Tobacco and Highland Cigar.

At each stop, you’ll be handed exactly one unbanded cigar. Smoke it… then rinse and repeat about six times. At the end of the day, whoever manages to identify the most mystery sticks will win a box of each one sampled throughout the day.

And since you may or may not aspire to full-on cigar geek status, you’ll also find plenty of non-smoke-related distractions throughout the day in the form of an endless flow of craft beer and top-shelf booze.

“Eye of the Tiger” on repeat optional.

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