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Like a Swiffer, but for Vodka

UD - Chikutan Sticks It’s Tuesday, so let’s talk about stocking your wet bar. You know, the one inside the globe.

You’ve got your Persian mint. A titanium shaker. And, naturally, a muddler strong enough to drill through diamonds.

But, strangely enough, no charcoal.

Allow us to present Chikutan Sticks, charcoal drink stirrers ready to soak up every last impurity in your next drink, available now.

It’s basically a Swiffer for liquor, clearing away any imperfections in your cocktail with just a few stirs. The sticks themselves are bamboo twigs that have been scorched into charcoal, along with some magical absorptive properties to clear liquors. (The chance to nonchalantly stir your drink with a jet-black stalk of bamboo is just a bonus.)

So the next time your travels take you to a foreign dictator’s mansion, Charlie Sheen’s place or anywhere else where the liquor might be suspect, you can pull one of these out of your jacket pocket and stir your cocktail back to respectability. The charcoal needs to be activated beforehand, so first you’ll want to politely excuse yourself to run the twig under very hot water.

Your sidecar will thank you.

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