Starship Troopers

Tamales from Outer Space

UD - Tamalli Space Charros Hang on. Strap in. Buckle up. Do whatever you need to do.

The space-time-tamale continuum is finally about to be breached.

Introducing Tamalli Space Charros, the food truck George Clinton would drive if he gave up funk and focused his creative energy on Mexican food, on the streets now.

This is piloted by some visionary artists (and ex-Frontera bartenders and waiters) who have access to a big silver van, a commercial kitchen and an art-making grant. Yes, this is art.

The Tamale Spaceship is inspired by a group of avant-garde Mexican artists/poets from the 1920s, the Stridentists. They were obsessed with technology, the future and, from what we can tell, mole.

The point is that the Tamale Spaceship has fully adopted food as its artistic medium, offering five varieties every day—including the Sumptuous Tamalli De Pueroco for Soiree, the Complicated Tamalli De Carne and the dessert After Theater Tamalli—which take their names from the artwork of that period. The Space Guacamole, however, recalls the work of an early Steven Spielberg and/or Rick Bayless.

All of this means that one day you’ll tell your grandchildren that back in the stone ages, you used to have to look for some random tamale guy to get your fix after a night at the bar. But today, you’ll just find them on Twitter.

The future is now.

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