Tei-An Rooftop

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Rooftop Cocktailing in One Arts Plaza

Today, we’re bringing you some time-sensitive information.

Something that, in two weeks, won’t even exist. Well, kind of...

Say hello to the Tei-An Rooftop, a private open-air den of cocktailing, opening to the public for the first time tomorrow and through Super Bowl Sunday.

You may know this place as the only rooftop in One Arts Plaza, a members-only lounge over a Japanese restaurant with epic views of the Dallas skyline. (Among the members: Anthony Kim.) But because Troy Polamalu’s hair is coming to town (we assume), they’re open until 2am for any nonmembers.

To get there, you’ll go to Tei-An and simply whisper “rooftop”—ideally, to the hostess. She’ll whisk you past the dining area to the private rooftop elevator. When you arrive on the third floor, you’ll step out to a cocktail party with a granite fireplace, basketball-sized light balls and, most importantly, some heaters. (Think of it as your personal cocktail bubble.)

But you’re here for two things: the view and the cocktails. So claim the corner couch (facing downtown) and summon forth some Citrus Lychee Martinis, Sake Sangria or the Egg Saketini.

Nothing pairs with a sunset like egg whites.


Tei-An Rooftop
1722 Routh St
Dallas, TX, 75201

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