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Chocolate Truffles, Now with Beer

UD - Beercandy You’re resolved. 2011 is going to be different.

You’ll read more, get your Swedish disco career back on track and—above all else—you’re going to drink less and eat healthier.

But resolutions were made to be broken.

Introducing Beercandy, an aptly named line of beer-filled candies, now available online.

Now, it’s not what it sounds like. Actually, it is: a set of four chocolate truffles filled with all manner of hoppy goodness.

It’s the brainchild of a mad scientist (okay, computer engineer) from California who spent more than a decade tracking down the perfect craft brews for candification and perfecting the art of converting beer to caramel. (It was a very good decade.) Once he’s worked his magic (and added some cream and sugar), the engineer coats the candies with the appropriate chocolate, and the transformation is complete.

So the next time you’re looking for a sugary aperitif after a refined evening of beering, you’ll have a dark chocolate truffle filled with thick, stout-flavored caramel at the ready. Or a raspberry lambic truffle, or a white chocolate–covered IPA. One warning: the caramelization process burns off most of the alcohol, and what’s left has about the same kick as beer bread.

So feel free to soak it in whiskey.

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