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Leather Jackets From Vintage Carseats

You figure that the seats of a '63 Caddy have seen some pretty good times.

Car junkie Dustin Page, however, figured there were even better days in store for them. Hence VIN Jackets. In a fit of inspiration, Page decided to pluck the leather seats from '60s and '70sCadillacs and Lincolns from various junkyards, and tailor the salvaged cowhide into rugged leather jackets.

The jackets have a clean, boxy fit and a laid back, '70s-inspired feel equally suited for walking the streets and riding off into the sunset. The leather is rich and nicely distressed, and will last you through many a test-drive. A hood-ornament zipper pull is optional—and as special as a 3-inch steel Lincoln logo can look dangling from the front of your jacket, we suggest leaving the jacket's history to some subtler details, like the original vehicle identification number (aka VIN) sewn into the lining of each jacket (if only these seats could talk).

Because the jackets are made to order, Page will customize each one to fit your measurements and your sense of style. He may even take specific car requests if you have any.

Tip: He's good, but you may want to pass on the'73 Pinto look.


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