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The Things We Left Behind in 2010

All year long, we sift through mountains of less-than-awesome stuff to bring you news about only the best of what’s out there. Now, as 2010 draws to a close, we present a glimpse at what came just shy of our rigid editorial standards. Okay, they missed it by a mile...

The Dog-Brella

The Dog-Brella

As Beverly Hills housewives know all too well, dogs are meant to live in purses. And yet, for some undetermined reason, dogs occasionally demand to get their paws on the actual ground. Even if it’s raining. Thankfully, the Dog-Brella arrived just in time. To be used once per decade.

The Flair Hair Visor

The Flair Hair Visor

It’s a common problem: the sun’s in your eyes, and also, you’re bald. The obvious solution: just don the Flair Hair Visor, a forward-thinking visor/toupee hybrid. We can’t confirm, but we’re pretty sure Agassi wore this through most of the ’90s.

The Avatar Na’vi Fleshlight

The <i>Avatar</i> Na’vi Fleshlight

If you’ve ever wished your flashlight were less light-y and more anatomically correct―but only with the functional anatomy of the giant blue female Na’vi from Avatar―you’re in luck. This is what James Cameron had in mind when he invented 3D.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Sleep Mask

Michael Jackson <i>Dangerous</i> Sleep Mask

Just because you’re dozing doesn’t mean you should abandon all sense of style. This sleep mask allows you to channel a bit of the late, great MJ while you slumber. Although, bad news: it’s not available anymore. Which means you’ll just have to wear your red leather jacket to bed.

The 3D Urn

The 3D Urn

Historically, after someone passes on, their ashes sometimes end up in a tasteful urn. Until someone came along and thought, “Hey, we could create an urn that’s actually a lifelike bust of the deceased.” Or, better yet, his or her favorite celebrity. Let the will revisions begin...

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