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Brackets, by the Numbers

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Today, we’re bringing you a playground of table tennis, shuffle board, Wii and other games best played after a few pints: Brackets, soft-opening today at the Hotel Palomar. To assist your competitive happy-houring, our crack team of technicians ran the key numbers...

Number of ping-pong pits: 1
Number of tables in the ping-pong pit: 2
Number of NCAA National Championship table tennis teams that will perform an exhibition in the pit: 1 (Texas Wesleyan, the night of January 27)
Number of games you’ll get to play against Wesleyan: 0, officially. (Also, unofficially.)
Likelihood that you’ll make a Forrest Gump reference mid-match: strong
Number of flat-screens: 26
Number of projection screens for Wii: 1
Likelihood that a Wii remote will fly through one of the surrounding flat-screens: 8%
Number of “wine bars” inside cubby-hole-size rooms: 1
Number of wine rooms that double as DJ booths/chess rooms: 1
Number of wines: 51
Number of beers: 36
Number of cocktails: 10
Percentage of cocktails that involve bacon: 10%
Number of tacos with chocolate on the menu: 1
Number of chocolate tacos one can consume during a table tennis match: TBD
Cost of the remote that controls everything from the flat-screens to the Wii: $3,000
Number of minutes they’ll let you control it: 0

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