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The UrbanDaddy LA Holiday Gift Guide

While focusing on the true meaning of the holidays―all the parties―you haven’t had any time to make a list, check it twice or buy a single gift for anybody you know. Well, here’s the list part. Now get to work.

Obika’s Six-Pound Mozzarella Braid

Obika’s Six-Pound Mozzarella Braid

Fact: everyone loves cheese. So call up Century City’s new mozzarella bar, and within a week they’ll ship a hand-rolled mozzarella braid, in either two- or six-pound form, straight from Italy to the restaurant for pickup. Because a mozzarella mullet would just be tacky.

$50-$150, Obika at Westfield Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, 310-556-2452

Bags Made from Military Pup Tents

Bags Made from Military Pup Tents

For those who spend their weekends roughing it in Topanga Canyon, Mammoth and/or Carthay Square, local actor/photographer Matt Shallenberger is now crafting sturdy duffel bags from old military pup tents. Also: slim flight bags, when you’re totally roughing it in coach.

Baxter of California’s Cut Throat Razor

Baxter of California’s Cut Throat Razor

La Cienega’s old-timey barbershop has a new limited-edition blade for the Jon Hamm–type who has a five-o’clock shadow by noon. The formidable “Not a Replica” Cut Throat Razor has a leather sleeve and the hardest hand-sharpened blue steel possible. Thereby improving the receiver’s “Blue Steel.”

Boxes of Booze from Bar Keeper

Boxes of Booze from Bar Keeper

Silver Lake’s vintage barware shop finally got a liquor license, so now they’re selling glasses and what you want to put inside. Their new gift boxes come with everything your favorite party host will need to make the perfect Manhattan. Or Sazerac. Or Smoky Martini...

$75 and up, Bar Keeper, 3910 W Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake, 323-669-1675

An Alarm Clock that Sounds Like Mom

An Alarm Clock that Sounds Like Mom

Not only does the latest Tocky alarm clock run away from the bed when it goes off, it’s got a microphone and an MP3 player. So your perpetually late coworker’s alarm can be anything from Mom’s recorded shriek (“Honey, breakfast is getting cold!”) to Bieber’s latest opus.

Tocky 2.0, $69, available at A+R, 1121-1 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, 310-392-9128

Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967

<i>Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967</i>

First came last summer’s MOCA exhibit of Dennis Hopper’s pre-Easy Rider­-era photos. Now the exhibit—and Hopper’s memory—will live on forever in a 118-page book, to be placed prominently in the home of anyone who can recite various Hopper-logues at a moment’s notice, up to and including Speed.

$34.95, available at MOCA stores and online

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