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Ale Yeah, By the Numbers

Today, we’re keeping things simple. We're pointing you in the direction of a little craft-only beer market that happens to be the first of its kind in the city. It’s called Ale Yeah. It opens today in Decatur. And what follows is the raw, unabridged data to help you make the most of your new shrine of suds.

Number of beers available: 485
Percentage of beers that are craft-only: 100
Murals of fat and happy monks sitting on the hand of God: 1
Number of owners: 3
Number of owners who are producers of Aqua Teen Hunger Force: 1
Beers named Bad Elf: 1
Beers named Insanely Bad Elf: 1
Chances of finding some Petit Sec and Gouda to pair with them: Solid
Number of beers Georgia law will allow you consume while shopping: 0
Number of beers you’ll want to consume while shopping: More than 0
Handheld power drills rigged into makeshift barley grinders: 1
Percent chance you buy barley for actual home-brewing: 51
Percent chance you buy barley just to pull the trigger and listen to the awesome sound it makes: 100


Ale Yeah
906 W College Ave
Decatur, GA, 30030

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