In the Zouk

A Two-Level Temple of Dancing and Debauchery

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Sometimes, you just want a quiet night out. Some friends. A nice wine bar. Some friendly debate over the merits of cold fusion. And how it could change cold cuts forever...

Anyway: this is not one of those times.

Introducing Zouk, a two-level temple of dance and debauchery opening this Friday in Downtown.

First, some history: This place was known as the Starck Club during the ’80s and ’90s, when Madonna, Dennis Rodman, Prince and other literary figures let loose here.

So come Friday, when you get that strobe-light itch, you’ll step through bank-vault style doors to find a massive dance floor that wraps around, yes, another dance floor below. (It’s good to have options, dance floor–wise.)

Your eyes will be drawn toward the elevated DJ booth—well, actually toward the go-go dancers on the platforms connected to said DJ booth. As the music picks up, ignore any flashbacks from your last trip to St. Tropez, and move past the gold banquettes to one of the 20 secluded VIP sections (you never know when the paparazzi will strike).

And should you happen to arrive this Saturday, you’ll be in good company: Diddy’s popping in to host the grand opening.

Feel free to let him crash at your place.

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