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Dancing in a 1950s Hair Salon

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As part of your intense quest for deep understanding of all humanity, you’ve infiltrated some of the girliest places on earth.

Watched Gossip Girl with the Kardashian sisters. Hosted fondue parties at Oprah’s place. You once attended an Amy Grant concert.

But none of these has prepared you for your next mission: partying in a pink hair salon...

Welcome to Beauty Bar, a new 1950s vintage salon turned dance club, now open for those nights when dancing is a must.

Now, we’re going to shoot you straight: the place is pink. And very sparkly. But hear us out...

The next time you and your friends are out on the weekend, you may find yourself requiring a lounge where the girl-to-guy ratio roughly matches that of a Taylor Swift concert. That’s when you’ll head here.

Walking in, you might feel as if you stumbled onto the set of Hairspray, but with more subwoofers. You’ll see vintage salon furniture, ’70s light fixtures and pastel walls smothered in sparkles.

Make your way to the bar and order a martini while well-manicured gals sip on French Flips (mango vodka plus a banana liqueur). Then grab one by the hand (watch the red polish), glide onto the white-and-green-tiled dance floor and see what happens next...

All in the name of research, of course.

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