The Party Bagel

Big Wheel

The Biggest Bagel in Chicago

UD - The Party Bagel at e.leaven Today, we have huge news. Humongous, actually.

And it comes to you in the form of a delicious bagel.

Introducing The Party Bagel, a hubcap-size wheel of boiled dough now available at e.leaven in River North.

This supernaturally large bagel is made exactly like e.leaven’s regular assortment—and comes in all the usual complement of flavors you’re familiar with (plain, sesame, poppy, chocolate chip, blueberry, a mystical concoction known as whole wheat). It’s made with specially ionized water designed to replicate the magical bagel-making qualities of New York City’s water supply. You always knew there was a reason you loved ions.

This giant beast is made to feed at least a dozen—though you can make it even larger. So when you bring it to an all-staff morning meeting, rather than the regular bagel assortment, you’ll be encouraging a unified spirit among coworkers. You’ll also be letting them know who’s boss (regarding bagel flavors).

For those late nights when the crew is struggling to get everything done so you can take off for the holiday, keep your team’s spirit going with giant bagel sandwiches. They’re loaded with anything from turkey or roast beef to various Italian cured meats. And heads up: e.leaven’s bakers are tinkering with a recipe that, if all goes well, will produce the city’s largest croissant.

Your move, Croissan’Wich.

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