Mo’ Money

Getting Paid for Your Viral Video

UD - Videolla You’ve gotten people to watch your YouTube videos.

The one with the kitten. The one with the squirrel. The one with your “son” after a trip to the dentist.

But now it’s time to get more than eyeballs out of it. It’s time to get paid.

Introducing Videolla, a new website that’ll let you upload your video or film and charge people to watch it, now online.

Think of it like YouTube meets Netflix. Here’s how it works: you’ll upload your video via their site, and then set up a Netflix-esque subscription plan for your legions of potential viewers. You can charge whatever you like, and create multiple payment options, like 10 bucks for a single viewing and $20 for a monthly subscription. (It’s fair to assume that one viewing just won’t be enough.)

Your clamoring audience will use PayPal to pay up, so the money stuff is secure, and Videolla will send you your monthly profits via PayPal or check—the same way you get your royalties from Mr. Belvedere. Of course, this being Hollywood, they’ll take a cut of the action for themselves.

But it’s probably still less than what DreamWorks is gouging you for.

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