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The British are coming.

But not like last time.

No, this time their well-tailored advance is less about monarchist control, and more about helping you solidify your sweater-and-rugby arsenal. With a little live music thrown in.

Introducing Jack Wills, your new home for refined British style with a touch of university flair, opening tomorrow in the Back Bay.

If you crossed an English townhouse with a touch of Animal House (Belushi: all praise His name), stocked the place with the entire Jack Wills catalog and put the whole thing on Newbury Street, you’d basically wind up with this (think: exposed brick, weathered doors and wood, and the threat of high tea or mod-rock around every corner).

So the next time you plan to tackle the fall air like you’re in Cambridge (the other Cambridge), beeline it to the first floor, where much of the menswear is (womenswear is mainly second floor). There you’ll swim in a sea of rugbies, denim, tees, hoodies, fleeces and knits, including our favorite piece, the Seaborough Fisherman Crew Neck (sort of like what George Clooney would’ve worn in The Perfect Storm, if he’d been played by Colin Firth).

And when all this British-ness gets you in the mood for a little rebellious music, you’ll want to make your way to the basement for an acoustic performance of rock.

And the occasional Oasis song.


Jack Wills
179 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02116


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