Body Design Skydiving Freefall

Free Fallin’

Skydiving in Costume

UD - Body Design Skydiving Freefall Halloween. All Hallows Eve. Sexy French Flight Attendant night.

Regardless of what you call it, it’s coming.

But this year, we figured it couldn’t hurt to amp things up a bit. And we’d like to suggest making some questionable decisions with a bunch of scantily clad personal trainers. In costume.

While jumping out of a plane...

Behold the mighty adventure that is the Body Design Skydiving Freefall, a full day of costumed plane-hopping with about 80 of your very... fit new friends, now taking reservations for the inaugural jump on October 30.

Your afternoon begins in Vinings, where you’ll pick up a shuttle for the quick jaunt out to Cedartown, accompanied (we’re assuming) by a various ragtag assortment of Catwomen, Alices in Wonderland and the occasional traffic cop gone terribly right (you could also drive, but somehow that seems a bit less... interesting).

And once you’ve arrived (preferably dressed as any one of the Dead Presidents from Point Break), you’ll go through a quick rundown of how not to die with your tandem partner, gear up and board the plane. From there, all that’s left to do is swiftly make your way up to about 10,000 feet before careening back down to the impromptu Halloween pre-party below.

And thus your Halloween tradition of jumping out of an airplane begins.


Body Design Skydiving Freefall
departs from Body Design Personal Training - Vinings
3220 Cobb Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA, 30339

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