Full House

Welcome to House Party Season

UD - Fully Bodied We’re thinking it’s high time you threw a party.

It should involve wine. A few snacks. And maybe, if and only if you have this resource at your disposal, a dark-haired temptress who, on occasion, enjoys posing nude with strategically placed glasses of vino.

We may have found you that temptress...

Introducing Fully Bodied, a wine tasting/party brought into your living room by the self-proclaimed Wine Goddess, now taking reservations for your next in-home soiree.

Let’s get this out of the way: your host will be fully dressed, unlike her picture to the side there. But rest assured, that same scantily clad spirit will be fully present.

You’ll start by giving the Wine Goddess (she also answers to Stephanie) a ring and having a brief chat about your likes and dislikes, your deepest desires—and maybe even wine if there’s time.

And once you’ve gotten to know each other a little better, she’ll hand-select your bottles and have them shipped straight to your door from Napa (which, coincidentally, is the only place you’ll find them).

On game day, Stephanie will be there to greet your guests with a little bubbly before segueing into a full-on wine tasting and pairing with chocolates, cheeses and some guided imagery (we’ll let you decide what that means). And, of course, you’ll have a chance to stock up on whatever you’re drinking by the caseload.

Let’s just say she can be a bit... persuasive.

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