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Flat-Screens and Firearms in Sandy Springs

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You’ve never been one to pigeonhole your leisurely pursuits.

So while you’re certainly not opposed to lazing around and recounting the saga of your last big-game hunt in Namibia, you also wouldn’t mind spicing that scenario up a bit either.

Two brunettes and an AK-47 should do...

Introducing the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range, a loungey new shooting range owned by a pair of heavily armed sisters, now open for your hot-lead-dispensing pleasure.

To get a feel for the aesthetics of this place, just picture a cushy golf course clubhouse. Now picture it with less nine-irons and sweater-vests and more nine-millimeters and bulletproof ones.

You’ll start by heading inside and walking (nay, sauntering) beneath the antler chandelier above you (if John Wayne went into the chandelier business...) before heading over to one of the ranges for a few basic rounds of target practice or a dance with the aforementioned AK-47.

But while you’re there, we’d recommend plying your trade over at the world’s first and only wireless target system, which basically preprograms your target to move in all different directions through a series of good-guy/bad-guy scenarios while the lights flash on and off.

And after a long afternoon of gunplay, you’ll casually decamp to the plush confines of the members lounge, where your flat-screens and dark leather couches await.

Every gun range should have a woman’s touch.


Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range
8040 Roswell Rd
Sandy Springs, GA, 30350


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