Suit Yourself

Custom-Threading in Downtown

You’re looking pretty svelte these days.

Not surprising, considering you’ve packed the summer with plenty of ninja training, sword fighting and running across mountains. It would also explain why some of the office threads you bought over the winter are a tad roomier now.

Here to help you find jackets and trousers to fit the slimmer you: Boston-based 9Tailors, fine shirtmakers who are poised to enter the custom-suit game, now taking reservations.

Here’s the deal: you’ll make an appointment and get measured at their downtown shop (awkwardness of inseam measurement: minimal). Then, one of their style consultants will work with you to build your suit. Meaning: you’ll choose from over a thousand fine Italian fabrics, thumb through various lapels, jacket styles and lining options, and even select the buttons to finish off your Cary Grant-meets-Tom Brady masterpiece. (Or you can just tell them what you want and let them pick it all out.)

From there, your plans will be sent overseas, and your suit will be hand-sewn by diligent tailors in a small workshop in Hong Kong (it’s the same way your track suits are currently handled). And about three weeks later, you’ll come by the shop for a final fitting and to collect your shimmering two-piece.

Ask for extra shimmer.


125 Kingston St, 6th Floor
Boston, MA, 02111

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