Leg Up

Your New Way to Hide Booze

UD - Bootlegger Mini Liquor Concealer Spandex.

The favorite material of Tour de France cyclists, select MMA fighters and Olivia Newton John.

But somewhere along the way, someone took a look at the stuff during a moment of dawning comprehension and thought: “I bet this could be used to hide booze.”

And so it was.

Presenting the Bootlegger Mini Liquor Concealer, the handy new way you can ensure your next trip to Fenway won’t be without your favorite bottles of the hard stuff (in convenient nip form), available now online.

Imagine a speed walker’s ankle weight that’s been repurposed to stealthily house a six-pack of booze, and you’ve pretty much nailed the essence of the Bootlegger Concealer. It’s made out of elastic and spandex, so you simply slide it on, make it snug and arm yourself with the chosen hooch of the day (if it’s a Sox game, Jäger seems right).

You’ll drop your pant leg over it and be ready to take on whatever activity the day brings you: a game, a concert, a movie you weren’t particularly enthused about seeing (we’re looking at you, Sex and the City 2)... or even someplace you really need to smuggle alcohol into.

Like where you’re sitting right now, for instance.


Bootlegger Mini Liquor Concealer

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