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UD - Awkward Family Pet Photos It’s hot. It’s a short week. So we’re going to keep it simple.

We’ve found a site devoted to hilarious vintage pictures of people posing with their pets, and we think your day would be incomplete without it. Bearded men with parrots have that effect on people...

So welcome to Awkward Family Pet Photos, an accurately named website devoted to the old-timey comedic virtues of family portraits crashed by the family pet, online now.

If the concept seems familiar, it should: it’s basically Awkward Family Photos—the site devoted to family portraits gone wrong—plus pets. (They’re presumably acting on Law of Comedy #37: the completely made-up maxim that pets + awkward families = hilarity.)

So, basically, now that the dog days of summer are here, this is a way for you to kick back, relax and... laugh at this dog. Or admire this man’s shawl-collar sweater and unusual choice of bird. Or figure out just what the hell’s going on here. Oh, and finally, we should mention that here’s where you’ll find the occasional cougar.

No, not that kind of cougar.

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