Chicks, Curves and Cleats

Necessary Roughness

Flag Football, Lingerie Edition

UD - Chicks, Curves and Cleats Chances are, you're on a healthy regimen of futbol and international revelry right about now.

And while it's certainly not our intention to steal any thunder away from the World's Game, today we bring news of a new addition to the wide wide world of sports that may do just that.

One teddy at a time...

Introducing Chicks, Curves and Cleats, the city's first and only five-on-five lingerie flag football league, now gearing up and freshening up for their first official game at the end of the month.

What you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you, but feel free to think of this as a new take on your fantasy football league, just a bit earlier than you're used to—and with the drafting graciously taken care of for you.

Local teams are an amalgamation of talented free agents recruited from behind the bars and cocktail trays of some of the city's finest institutions of late-night imbibery (we're looking at you, Opera Obsessions and Tongue & Groove VIPs). They've been scrimmaging, perfecting their nickel defense and pillow fighting (okay, maybe not that last part) for months now, and are finally ready to don their flags and take to the field.

Games will take place on Sundays, when the air is ripe for football. You can go the BYOB general admission route, or splurge for the more obvious VIP on-field experience, complete with full bar service.

Vince Lombardi would've wanted it this way.


Chicks, Curves and Cleats
at the World Competition Complex
2160 Breckinridge Blvd, Suite 160
Lawrenceville, GA, 30043

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