Indoor Bocce Tournament at Ormsby's

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Bocce and Bloodys on the West End

UD - Indoor Bocce Tournament at Ormsby's Some say it was the ancient Egyptians.

Others credit the Greeks.

Let's not worry about the details.

What matters is that a long, long time ago, the game of bocce came into existence.

And this Sunday, you have a chance to help the sport reach its rightful apex. In a basement. Amongst friends. And lots of ice-cold beer...

Introducing the city's first all-day, single-elimination Indoor Bocce Tournament at Ormsby's, debuting this Sunday and accepting entrants now.

Basically, it's the bocce equivalent of Thunderdome. First, you'll need to recruit a teammate (choose wisely), then show up at Ormsby's and descend the stairs to the scene of your future stone-throwing glory. After weaving your way through the familiar den of adult carny games and unrefined basement chicanery, you'll find the courts waiting for you in the back. Between free-flowing beer and a grab bag of prepsters, hipsters and belles, it might look like another Saturday night fete at first glance... but stay focused. You're here to achieve nine-ball supremacy.

The first team to seven points will move on to the next round (and maybe order one as well) against a new set of worthy opponents, then rinse and repeat until a winner emerges.

And speaking of rounds, they will be delivered to you by the newly appointed Bocce Girls, outfitted appropriately for the occasion.

We'll let you decide what that means.


Indoor Bocce Tournament at Ormsby's
1170 Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA, 30318

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