Good as Gold

Your Next Vacation House

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You've done the usual weekend getaways. And you're on a relentless quest for something truly different.

Like, say, a house in the middle of nowhere... that's dipped in gold.

No, it's not a mirage—it's Acido Dorado, and it's now available for vacation rental.

Once your application has been approved (you've got impeccable gold-house references), you'll find your way to a secluded patch of land just outside Joshua Tree. You'll know you're in the right spot when you come across a sprawling desert home that's painted gold, and you may even recognize the property from that photo shoot in Russian Glamour... or not.

Inside, it's what you'd get if 50 Cent ever partnered with the Sultan of Brunei—glass walls everywhere, table for 10, sunken patio with fire pit and barbecue, and an iPod dock wired to seven speakers. So basically it was built for the sole purpose of hosting your best three-day house party yet. (Yes, we realize that's saying something.)

And when things wind down (or heat up, depending on the night), there are two master suites—each with a shower that opens onto a large patio, walled in for privacy.

You've always preferred to air dry.

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