Crime in Miami

Miami Vice

Behaving Like a Criminal for a Day

UD - Crime in Miami Miami is an outlaw's playground.

Whether it's Ponzi schemers, swampland developers or "entrepreneurs" from the coca fields of Bolivia, this town is a magnet for unsavory characters.

And not that you'd ever want to associate with these lost souls, but sometimes it's fun to imagine yourself walking a mile in their (cement) shoes.

Which brings us to Crime in Miami, a fascinating stroll down troublemaker lane, now open at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

This exhibit has been open for a few months now, but we understand if you were too busy frolicking on the beach with models and relaxing in bungalow-adjacent hammocks to get to the plaza downtown to check it out yet.

Using old photos, video clips and timeworn memorabilia like vintage prison uniforms, Crime tells the tale of the con men and mobsters who have populated Miami from the bootlegger days up through the cocaine cowboys of the 1980s (thank goodness Crockett and Tubbs were around to break that up).

If you dig deep enough, you'll find creepy props like a mold of Ted Bundy's teeth (even his bicuspids suggest evil), and the installation even puts you inside the criminal's head with re-creations of a holding cell and a two-way mirror used in police lineups.

Try not to get too comfortable.


Crime in Miami
at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida
101 W Flagler St
Miami, FL, 33130

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