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The Future of Business Cards

UD - Stickybits Today, we look into the future.

You drive a flying car to a party. There, your cocktail is poured by an android bartender named SamBot. Then someone hands you a business card, and you scan it with your phone to see that person's full résumé, and a replica of their DNA.

Sadly, SamBot and the flying car remain elusive. But while we work on those, we bring news of the business card of the future...

Introducing Stickybits, a new service that will forever change the way you look at bar codes, up and running now.

Basically, it's like printing out a shipping label, only that label will link to the insightful blog post, online video or ultra-profound tweet of your choosing. It's a two-pronged operation: first, you buy a batch of stickers (really), print your personalized bar codes onto them and then link some content with the codes. Then put your bar codes on an envelope, the occasional restroom wall or a discreetly passed cocktail napkin. And whenever someone scans the bar code with their phone, they'll behold with awe as whatever you attached to your code appears before them.

So you can put the bar code on your business card, and include a link to your résumé. (Or to a video of you demonstrating your awesomeness by jumping out of a chopper. Your call.) Or, in a darkened bar, you could sidle up to that brunette in the corner, and discreetly slide her a simple bar code...

In the future, this is how humans will mate.

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