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Putting Music to a Vote

UD - Songr We understand.

Between choppering VIPs in and out of Iceland (ashes be damned) and judging the occasional scotch-drinking contest, you don't have much time for, say, checking out the next greatest band in the world.

But we can help. With a little assistance from your old friend, democracy...

Introducing Songr, a new site that lets you elect your favorite song of the moment, online now.

In short, it's like Digg for music—one big list of songs, ranked by popularity, laid out with monastic simplicity. (We're 99% sure no actual monks were involved in making the site.) Basically, there are two reasons to try this thing out. The first is if you're one of those hardcore types who would upload a video of your favorite tune, or spend hours giving those tunes a virtual thumbs-up or thumbs-down. So basically, someone else.

As for why you'd actually visit the site: finding your next personal theme song. Each tune is linked to either a YouTube clip or an MP3, so you can hear the song—you'll find tunes by obscure soul acts, death-obsessed hardcore groups barely known outside of their Philadelphia suburbs and even a little Chinese pop.

That's where Axl got the idea for Chinese Democracy.

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