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UD - Luxe Home Swap There's no place like home.

Still, as you travel to the far corners of the earth, going places where hotels dare not go, embracing experiences that most will never know, you deserve a nice warm bed and a soft pillow—all nestled inside the kind of palace you've grown accustomed to.

Which brings us to Luxe Home Swap, a site that sets you up with castles befitting your station, online now.

First, we know what you're thinking: you've seen these kinds of sites before. But not like this. You will find luxury homes, and only luxury homes, therein. (Say, a four-bedroom riad in Marrakech, or a three-bedroom farmhouse in rural France. Yes, there's a pool.) The site employs a team of earnest British enforcers, whose sole job is to make sure that nothing less than first-class gets onto the site. (They also make sure all listings spell colour with a u.)

You'll start by listing your own home for future swaps, including a couple of photos and a brief, sexy-sounding description. (Basically, a personal ad for your place.) Once you do, you'll have access to a treasure trove of houses from far-flung locales like Buenos Aires or Slovakia (we hear the weather's beautiful there this time of year).

Before you go, you'll drop your host a line to make arrangements (there's a quick screening process there too) and work out the dates.

Just remember to hide the magnums of Krug.

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