Go Around the World by Luxury Train

This Epic Itinerary Covers 13 Countries Over 80 Days


Traveling around the world in 80 days sounds like the premise of a Jules Vern novel.

But in this case, the mode of transportation isn't a hot air balloon.

It's a fleet of fancy trains.

And, yes, trains are notoriously bad at crossing oceans, but don't worry, they thought of that.

The aptly named Around the World by Luxury Train is a new 80-day trip by Rail Bookers that'll take you through 13 countries, stop in more than 20 cities and split your night between luxe private train cabins and luxe hotels. It starts in Vancouver, ends in Singapore, and covers a lot of ground in-between.

The highlights of this trip, aside from all the fun stuff you'll see and do, are the primo trains you'll be riding on. We're talking the best of the best. Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, Belmond's Royal Scotsman, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the Maharajas Express, the Eastern & Oriental Express, and a couple of other fine examples of engineering and upscale surroundings.

the blue train south africa
The Blue Train

You'll roll through some of the most coveted destinations in the world, including the Canadian Rockies, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, London and Paris, all over Italy, India and Turkey, and then onto South Africa for safaris and wine before heading to Singapore for the final leg of your trip. And you'll have enough time in each spot to actually enjoy yourself.

Now, you may have noticed that Italy and India and South Africa are not exactly neighbors. And that trains do not fly. So while it's a train trip, you will be hopping a few flights to make the larger connections.

But if Phileas Fogg could do it in a hot air balloon, you can do it in a business class window seat.

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