This Luxury Globetrotting Trip Prioritizes a Good Night's Sleep

It's 25 Days of Private Jets, Dark Skies and Remote Destinations

Image: TCS World Travel

Nothing beats a good night's sleep.

Except maybe getting that good night's sleep in Tahiti. Or New Zealand. Or at a floating spa hotel in Sweden.

So here's a new 25-night luxury trip that promises restful days and relaxing nights in secluded destinations around the world.

Silence & Darkness: The Ultimate Luxury comes from TCS World Travel, which specializes in private jet expeditions. It invites guests to connect with their circadian rhythms for better sleep quality. Which might not sound terribly exciting at first, but then you see all the amazing locales where you'll be resting your head.

women in a swedish sauna looking out the window
Sauna in Sweden | tcs world travel

This luxe trip takes guests to some of the most isolated places around the world, from tropical paradises and Arctic lakes, to a remote desert and a private island. The point is to get away from the overstimulation of everyday life and retreat to landscapes where silence and darkness are the norm, not the exception.

Destinations include the Australian Outback, New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, a Rosewood resort in Kona, Hawaii, and Yala National Park in Sri Lanka. You'll visit a private compound at the St. Regis Bora Bora, head to the Koh Rong Archipelago in Cambodia, sink into floating saunas and partake in restorative hot and cold therapy in Swedish Lapland, and more.

private jet on the runway
your private jet awaits | tcs world travel

Most of the itinerary is centered around dark sky destinations that have little to no light pollution and are designated quiet ecosystems around the globe. Naturally, each of the nine locations features high-end accommodations with comfortable beds, plus savvy local guides and gourmet dining experiences. 

Go exploring during the day, adjourn for a great dinner in the evening, then sleep like you're dead.

It's the holy trinity of vacation.

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