These Floating Villas Are Only Accessible by Boat

This New Maldives Resort Has Ultra-Luxe Accommodations, Private Chefs and Waterslides

Image: Soneva Secret

The Maldives is famous for its overwater bungalows and even has a hotel room submerged beneath the Indian Ocean.

But it still has some tricks up its sleeve.

Like a new resort featuring the Maldives' first floating villa, which is only accessible by boat.

The new Soneva Secret 2024 is the first resort located on the extra-remote Haa Dhaalu atoll at the westernmost tip of the Maldives. Everywhere you look: untouched paradise reminiscent of what the island nation looked like a couple decades ago. Except, you know, now sporting a luxe resort with 14 villas. Bookings are available now for stays beginning March 7.

You've got some options when choosing your villa. Each is either one or two bedrooms and spacious — we're talking about 5,000 square feet to more than 12,000 square feet. Beach villas keep you on the sand, surrounded by tropical gardens and lush jungles. You'll get a private beach with easy water access and your own freshwater pool. The primary bedroom has a retractable roof for stargazing, and there's a spacious outdoor bathroom with a sunken bath. Villas are also equipped with loaded gyms and spa treatment rooms, so you'll want for nothing. Unless you want to stay directly on the water.

Soneva Secret castaway villa
Soneva Secret

In that case, choose the Crusoe Villa, which is situated on the water just off the beach. Or the Castaway Villa, which literally floats. It was designed to be unaffected by wave movements and is only accessible by boat. Spread across two floors, this spacious villa features a saltwater pool and a curved slide that goes straight into the lagoon, plus a retractable roof over the master bedroom. So be sure to look up on occasion.

The staff here outnumber the guests. Each villa gets a three-person team comprising a 24/7 butler, an assistant and a personal chef, so each meal will be tailored to your preferences. Guests can choose to eat in their villa dining rooms or at on-site restaurants, and if you're feeling snacky, the resort also has complimentary chocolate, ice cream, and cheese and charcuterie parlors.

Soneva Secret villa living room
Soneva Secret

In a stroke of fun, you can even zipline to the castaway dining tower, wine cellar and observatory, which is surrounded by endless sea views. Take a seat on the elevated terrace, and enjoy curated tasting menus, while the resident astronomer helps you navigate the skies.

The resort also offers experiences like swimming with manta rays and sea turtles, or yachting across the Indian Ocean. 

You've got to do something between meals.

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