These Luxurious New NYC Airport Lounges Make Flying Better

Sip Champagne and Snack on Caviar Inside the New Chase Lounges at La Guardia and JFK

By Kevin Gray ·
Image: Chase Sapphire

Between getting to and from the airport, navigating handsy TSA agents and dealing with delays and all the ensuing fallout, traveling can be a real slog.

So any chance to feel like a real human being is appreciated.

Sipping Champagne in first class has its obvious benefits, but it's not always a reasonable option. Relaxing in an airport lounge with free drinks, good food and clean, quiet environs, however, absolutely is.

Lounges these days are usually grouped into two categories: airline or loyalty card. The former varies by airport, but includes major carriers like American and Delta, while the latter includes the Priority Pass and an increasing number of credit card-branded lounges from the likes of Amex, Capital One and Chase.

Chase is behind some of the nicest, newest lounges in the country. Dubbed Sapphire Lounge by The Club, these lounges can be found in Boston and Hong Kong, plus the just-opened additions at La Guardia and JFK airports in New York.

spread of food at the chase lounge la guardia airport
Chase Sapphire

Access is reserved for Chase Sapphire Reserve, J.P. Morgan Reserve and The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card primary cardmembers and authorized users who have activated their complimentary Priority Pass membership. Cardholders can also bring guests, so your flying companions won't be left to fend for themselves at the gate. 

La Guardia's Chase Sapphire Lounge by the Club is located in Terminal B. Once inside, you'll find a two-story space that's the largest to date, measuring nearly 22,000 square feet. Manhattan's Joseph Leonard created the food menu, and NYC bars Apotheke and Parcelle are handling the cocktails and wine, respectively. The coffee comes from Joe Coffee Company, and an on-site barista is there to make espresso and lattes.

chase lounge la guardia arcade
Chase Sapphire

There are also dedicated wellness rooms, with treatments from Face Haus, a retro game room with shuffleboard and pinball, and a kids’ playroom. The most luxe amenities are the Reserve Suites, bookable private rooms with dedicated suite attendants. Guests can relax with their travel companions and enjoy special menu items, including caviar service and a reserve wine list. The suites also feature private bathrooms and showers, so you can stay fresh before or between flights.

The JFK location is situated in Terminal 4 and is a joint operation with the Etihad lounge. There's a handsome bar, lounge seating, relaxation areas and work stations. It's not quite as luxurious as the LGA operation — and it's significantly smaller, at about one-third the size — but it's still a step above the typical lounge, and it features the same high-quality food and drinks.

The point is, now you've got a better way to spend your time when flying through the country's biggest city.

Unless you're flying out of Newark. Then you're on your own.

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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