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UD - Seats3D It's been a long, cold winter. But finally, baseball.

The season is upon us, with all the glory, tradition and tobacco that comes with it.

And if you plan on going to a few games this summer, it's not a bad idea to have a friend who's sat in your seat, and seen what you'll see.

And then created an eerily lifelike 3-D re-creation of that seat. Allow us to explain...

Welcome to Seats3D, a new site that gives you a three-dimensional peek at seats inside many of the country's finest stadiums, concert halls and arenas.

In short, it's the best thing to happen to 3-D since... well, Avatar. (Only with fewer blue people.) You go to the site, which, we admit, looks suspiciously unfun. But beyond that icy exterior, it's like Google Maps Street View, but for stadiums: you'll be able to see the exact view you'll have of the game. Call up your seat, and you can grab and move the image, checking out whether, say, the left field bleachers have a blind spot near the warning track. (Precise peanut-tossing angles could not be determined at press time.)

Right now, the site includes stadiums for all the major team sports, as well as some not-so-major ones. (Let's just say you can get very good seats for the Colorado Mammoth. They play lacrosse.) The site even includes some international venues, so you'll be able to scope out, say, the best seats in the Tokyo theater district.

Which, we assume, exists.

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