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UD - AnyClip You can't handle the truth.

Actually, you probably can. But it can't hurt to have a little visual reminder on hand.

Which brings us to AnyClip, a handy treasure trove of movie clips that will keep you from saying "What's that guy say in that movie?" ever again.

In short, it's an exhaustive video library of the juiciest bits from your favorite movies, including everything from Scarface (say it with us: "Say hello...") to obscure gems like Suddenly, starring Sinatra, fedora slung sideways, tossing around a gun and bons mots with some dame. (No, it's not a documentary.) Basically, it's like IMDb's Memorable Quotes section, but with actual video.

You can search by actor, director, even object—which also provides handy proof that there are more movies with guns than sandwiches. And if for some reason they don't have a clip yet, you can usually find a snippet from the screenplay to remind you of the quote you're looking for.

Oh, and nobody puts Baby in a corner.

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