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Japanese Whiskey and Funnel Cakes in River North

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This week, your evenings are all about testing your luck, as they should be. But next week, you'll be back to relying on those razor-sharp wits.

So we want you to be prepared. After all, there is Japanese whiskey and a couple of cinnamon funnel cakes riding on it.

Introducing Sable Kitchen & Bar, your sexy new cove for serious cocktails and comfort food, opening next week in River North.

You've heard whispers about this place—it's part of the new Hotel Palomar opening the same day. When you walk in, you'll immediately find all the Michelangelo marble, opaque onyx and alluring women (they happen to be part of the graphic design) you've come to expect from such places.

They've enlisted a Violet Hour honcho to stir your Ginger Dram (12-year-old Japanese whiskey and ginger liqueur) and muddle your Bon Apetito (rum and peach jam). It's the kind of bar where you can mingle with the bartender and go over the finer points of vermouth, but... you have a pressing engagement in the dining room.

The booths across from the open kitchen are your best bet—they're so close to the oven, you'll feel the heat while your flatbreads and Pistachio-Cherry Duck Sausage and Bison Short-Rib Sliders cook.

Afterward, take your Butterscotch Pot de Crème back in the lounge where Alice in Wonderland-scale wingback chairs await you, your date and a rye-and-Chartreuse libation called a Clint Eastwood.

And once again, you're feeling lucky. Just don't let anyone call you "Punk."

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