El Pelon

The Rising

The Return of a Mexican Cult Favorite

UD - El Pelon Taqueria January of 2009 was business as usual for you (rakish behavior, wild acts of hedonism, some laundry).

But it was also when a certain Fenway-area taqueria was lost to a crushing fire, and ever since you've kept an eye peeled for the day its killer Mexican quick-eats would return.

That day, friends, has finally arrived. Or it will by next week.

Presenting the triumphant return of El Pelon, reborn, relocated and slated to open for all of your from-scratch taco and burrito needs this Tuesday in Brighton.

While the new digs have been transplanted from Fenway to BC, the menu at the new 12-seat location will be like coming home. Meaning all the spice-encrusted cod Pescado Tacos and El Guapo monster burritos (grilled steak, house-fried plantains, cheese) are back in your life, served on their legendarily fresh from-scratch flour tortillas, which come in steaming hot from an off-site bakery throughout the day.

You'll also be happy to know that they've got you covered in the Chocolate Flan department.

There's still no booze, but you can wash down the Mexican-y deliciousness with authentic Mexican Coke, made with real cane sugar (as opposed to the American high-fructose version), which pairs quite tastily with everything in the house.

Pure Mexican Coke is always the best.


El Pelon
2197 Commonwealth Ave
Brighton, MA, 02135

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