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Knee Deep

It’s a Café. It’s a Shop. It’s Everything.

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Duck-fat meatballs, espresso smoothies and floating bicycles.

They don’t get together enough.

But when they do, they hang out at Bee’s Knees Supply Company, a sprawling provisions store and café where the cold brew runs like water and the duck-fat meatballs... are duck-fat meatballs, opening tomorrow in Allston.

It’s hard to believe this was once the Joshua Tree. Farewell, the Joshua Tree. You shall now be replaced by a big, gleaming room made of white subway tiles, a white wooden ceiling and two white bicycles suspended in midair. (Here they are in the slideshow.)

An afternoon here can go in many directions:

—Camp at the concrete-topped espresso bar with cups of siphon coffee and an espresso-vanilla-and-salted-caramel smoothie.

—Carry a goat gouda grilled cheese (as seen on this menu) to the lounge with leather armchairs, a record player and the owner’s personal record collection for perusing and playing at your leisure.

—Swing by and fill a growler with cold brew from the tap.

—Procure some duck-fat caramels, prosciutto di Parma and a lambic to bring to your friend’s party.

Hopefully the theme is “random.”

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