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A Vegan Taco Joint with a Bakery Inside

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Meat: you’re going to have to sit this one out.

Tacos and donuts: step right up.

Right up to Taco Party, a meatless taco truck’s brick-and-mortar that just happens to be a vegan bakery at the same time, soft-opening Sunday in Somerville.

Maybe you’re scouting locations for a casual second date with a vegan yoga instructor. Or looking to grab a nice meat-free meal ahead of your Labor Day BBQ. Either way, consider your needs met.

Inside, it’s checkered floors, diner stools and lime-green tables. Bit of a 1950s kitchen vibe happening. If 1950s kitchens also included a Virgin of Guadalupe and an original Purple Rain poster (you’ve earned this slideshow).

They’ll have some of the tacos you know from the truck—chimichurri tempeh, sriracha BBQ jackfruit. Plus things they presumably couldn’t fit on the truck, like mushroom asada tacos and street corn with cashew crema (the sample menu beckons).

And you’re staying right there for dessert. Because the space is also home to Sabertooth Bakery, from a vegan baker who used to operate out of Fazenda Café in JP. Now she’s here, making things like vegan root beer and peanut butter cup donuts daily.

Anyone can be a donut vegan.

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