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It’s a Café. It’s a Restaurant. It’s This.

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Two words you will not find below: “Donald Trump.”

One word you will: “arepas.”

That’s how they do it at The Middle Gray. It’s half café, half restaurant and 100% arepa-forward, and it’s hoping to open over the weekend in Brookline Village. (Please, accept this slideshow.)

What was once a yarn store is now a leisure chamber full of cool grays and rough woods, with a restaurant on one side and a café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on the other.

Here’s how you’re using it:

As your morning arepa hookup.
The café side is where you take your shredded-beef or egg-and-cheese-stuffed breakfast arepas from now on.

As a potent caffeine source.
Sure, you could keep it simple and make it a cold brew. Or throw a curveball and request a Bitter Barista with cold brew, tonic, plum shrub and lime juice.

As an art-itorium.
They’ll have rotating art shows and, in the future, live music.

As a low-key date spot.
You’ve moved from the café to the U-shaped bar in the dining room. You polish off a pisco sour before your date arrives. Then, it’s straight into some chorizo-stuffed pork loin and getting to know each other a little better.

Definitely in that order.


The Middle Gray
6 Station St
Brookline, MA, 02445


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