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If Blue Apron Were a Physical Place

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Your date’s on the way.

The table’s set.

The seductive yet tasteful Spotify playlist is on standby.

And the sweet potato flautas are nowhere to be found.


The above scenario never happens in a world with Pantry, a new place that decides what you’re cooking for dinner and then provides everything you need to do it at home, opening Tuesday in Brookline. (Your slideshow.)

Think of this as Blue Apron, if Blue Apron were a physical place. They develop recipes for you to cook at home, you pick up the ingredients in person, and you move on with your life.

Inside, there’s a table for every recipe stacked with premeasured ingredients—from radishes to Mexican crema—that are portioned and packaged in-house. So you’ll have everything you need to make those sweet potato flautas for that vital “dinner at my place” date.

Each recipe is paired with a wine and a beer, both of which can be picked up in-store. Or you could call your own shots and just pick up a rioja or Sculpin IPA while you’re there.

And one more thing: a “Food Guide” will always be around to answer questions or show you how to break down an avocado in the demo kitchen.

Reservations still work, too.

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