High Five

Get Someone Else to Do Your Dirty Work

UD - Fiverr From time to time, you could use a little help.

Not with the big things—your secret plan to compose an opera version of Young Guns 2 is humming right along. But with the tiny things that make every day just a little bit harder.

We've got good news. We've found someone willing to do all those things for you. And they're only charging five bucks.

Welcome to Fiverr.com, a new website that lists people willing to do just about anything for $5, online now.

Think of it as the cheap (but legal) labor pool your budding empire so desperately deserves—not to mention an easy way to see just what people are willing to do for five bucks. Go to the site, and post whatever it is you need done—opening your fan mail, spreading rose petals at your feet, pre-tying your ties—and see if anyone's willing to do it. Don't worry about negotiating—everything costs no more and no less than $5.

And for those needs you're not even aware of, you can scan the list of things that people are willing to do. The current offers include everything from people willing to play a song for you on a radio station in Clovis, New Mexico, or draw a monster hanging out with you, to taking you out clubbing in Copenhagen.

A $10 value.

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