Pajama Jam Brunch at Bull & Bear

Jam Master Flashback

The Three B's: Bull, Bear & Brunch

UD - Pajama Jam Brunch at Bull & Bear The week has been tough, sure. But it's not as if you're going to spend the weekend curled up in the fetal position.

Though a little regression might be in order.

Introducing Pajama Jam Brunch at Bull & Bear, your weekend escape to the Saturday mornings of your youth—when Transformers were still LaBeouf-free, toasters worked overtime to warm your Pop-Tarts, and Mom regularly popped the cork on another ice-cold bottle of Perrier Jouët. (You always had the coolest mother on the block.)

Now, we know Bull & Bear is usually the loosened-tie after-work spot where you can unwind after your adult-world worries, but starting now, on weekend afternoons, it's all inner child.

You'll walk in to find Scooby-Doo and The Smurfs on the flat-screens instead of sports, and servers decked in their finest lace-and-flannel sleepwear, bringing you Bull & Bear's own version of a flaky Pop-Tart, stuffed with strawberry-basil jam or bacon, egg and cheese, served in individual toasters. You'll also find the breakfast items that Kellogg's never quite mastered, like Bananas Foster French Toast with bananas glazed in orange juice and rum.

As you expect from a place that trusts you with your own beer tap, there's also a design-your-own Bloody Mary bar, with artisanal cheese, pickled green tomatoes and sauce made from ghost chili, the hottest in the world.

Consider it your weekend chore.


Pajama Jam Brunch at Bull & Bear
431 N Wells St
Chicago, IL, 60654

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