The Electric Bicycle Store

Power On

Miami's First Electric-Bike Shop

UD - The Electric Bicycle Store Ah, March in Miami.

The warm temps, the gaggle of tourists...the absolute lack of parking.

It's enough to swear you off motorized vehicles and onto your own bicycle, powered 100% by you.

But let's not go crazy. Allow us to suggest a compromise: The Electric Bicycle Store, a new mecca of motor-powered two-wheelers for sale and rent, now open in South Beach.

If you're looking to pedal around Miami without breaking a sweat, this is your spot. The store stocks dozens of electric bicycles, from everyday bikes for commuting to work (like the E-Ridz "Stanley", at 34 miles to a charge) to flashy weekend joyrides (like the EMS E+ Retro Beach Cruiser, which tops out at 30 mph). They've even got the new Sanyo Eneloop, which just grabbed a CES Best of Innovations award.

And because the bikes function like traditional pedal-driven bikes but have battery-operated motors for extra speed (and easily recharge by plugging them into a wall outlet, just like your phone), you don't have to have Lance Armstrong's legs (or his lungs, heart, work ethic or athletic ability) to cover his type of ground.

Live strong, people.


The Electric Bicycle Store
1622-A Alton Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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